The Piano-Star

PIANO-STAR - Mick Rose
Meet the PIANO-STAR himself... MICK ROSE!

The star the PIANO-STARS show is Mick Rose, a professional pianist and singer who has been performing for over twenty years.

During that time, Mick has played in just about every type of venue you can think of, including theatres, cruise ships, hotels, holiday parks, piano bars, restaurants, pubs, clubs etc. etc. etc.
He has also appeared on numerous radio broadcasts, frequently playing ‘Live on air’.

Mick is also a songwriter and recording artist and has recorded two albums of original material as well as playing on numerous sessions for other artists.

These days Mick Rose spends most of his time promoting and performing in the PIANO-STARS band. Aside from being a superb pianist and singer, Mick is a great entertainer and his particular style of humour and charisma really makes him a PIANO-STAR worth seeing!